1. Available training products

Q: Does OEST offer full qualifications?

A: We currently offer a limited range of specific qualifications to support high school VET program outcomes, e.g., the Certificate II Sport & Recreation is delivered to Year 11 & 12 at Merrimac State High School. OEST’s focus is on providing short courses for specialist teacher needs. However, we intend to provide more full qualifications in the near future based on EQ user identified needs.

Q: I wish to obtain accreditation to meet Education Queensland’s sport specific CARA requirements? What does OEST offer in this regard?

OEST offers a competency based Curriculum Activity Risk Assessment (CARA) course which is based on the nationally recognised unit (SISXRSK301A: Undertake Risk Analysis of Activities) from the SIS10 Sports, Fitness and Recreation Training Package. This is a short course which informs the participants of the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to undertake a risk management process within curriculum-based activities in accordance with an organisation’s risk management policies and procedures. The course also links to Education Queensland’s specific activity CARA’s which detail the specific qualifications and skills you must have in order to deliver this specialist training.

Further, an RPL application kit is available on the OEST website for teachers wishing to obtain the necessary accreditation for the instruction of Snorkelling. Links are also provided for the Fishing and Sailing CARAs. A Small Boats Manual is also available (please contact the administration team) to support schools meet their small boat CARA requirements.

Q: I recently completed a Risk Assessment course through The Learning Place. What is the value of also completing OEST’s course?

A: We acknowledge that our CARA course has many content similarities to the Risk Assessment course offered through The Learning Place. The OEST product’s main discernible difference is that it provides a competency based outcome rather than just an “Awareness” of the content and will give successful participants a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the skills and knowledge which have been achieved through successful completion of the unit assessment activities. This provides evidence that you are currently competent to conduct a Curriculum Activity Risk Assessment.

Q: What other courses does OEST plan to offer?

A: We are continually expanding our product range in response to the EQ school teachers identified Professional Development needs. New programs that are currently under development include:

  • Occupational Health & Safety in schools
  • Code of Conduct
  • Child Protection
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Camp Coordinator course
  • Annual VET PD course

These courses are expected to be ready for delivery by 31 July 2012

Q: How do OEST’s courses help me to meet my QCT professional hours requirements?

A: All of the courses that OEST provide have been quantified and approved to count towards Teacher Professional Development for EQ teachers.
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2. Subscription

Q: What do we get with subscription access?

A: Annual subscription membership to OEST services entitles all staff in your school access to:

  • Any 2 courses selected from the menu (More may be chosen but however, they will attract an additional administration fee of $20 per student / course)
  • Online facilitation support
  • Specific Professional Learning Networks
  • Quarterly topical newsletters and updates (Auto email notification)

Q: How do I subscribe my school/organisation to OEST services?

A: Go to the Services > Subscription tab and complete the online form with your school’s /organisation’s details. Once your subscription has been processed, your school will receive an email advising staff they can enrol into the selected OEST courses. You will also be emailed a special group login access to the “members only” sections of the OEST website.

Q: What are the course costs and how do I to pay?

A: OEST offers two types of course payment options:

  1. School subscription access: This option enables Education Queensland Schools to subscribe to OEST on an annual financial year basis providing the schools’ staff with access to all courses offered by OEST. Please visit the subscription page for more information.
  2. Individual enrolment per course offer: This option enables Education Queensland School staff to enrol individually into a selected course offer which is charged as a “one off fee” per enrolment. Please go to the OEST enrolment page and search for your intended course to view the costing.

Q: How can my school’s VET students access OEST’s accredited courses?

A: This is only possible for a school group through a negotiated “group program” offer between OEST and the nominated school.

Q: How can non-EQ schools, staff and other parties access the current courses and what does the future hold for their access?

A: Currently, only EQ members and affiliates can access the courses that OEST provides online. Our goal is to provide access to private schools and the broader market by the end of 2012.
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Enrolment and login

Q: How do I enrol into an OEST course?

A: Go to the Products > Courses tab within the OEST website. Click on your selected course title. Click on the “Enrol Now” button. A new window will appear with an online application form. Follow the prompts and fill in all boxes. You can also search for a specific course by navigating to Services > Course enrolment Tab, search for the course/program you are looking for and then enrol into the course.

Q: Why is the “WISENET” enrolment process used and why does OEST need all the listed enrolment data?

A: “WISENET” is OEST’s chosen platform to provide a comprehensive Student Administration and Management System and complies with all Vocational Education and Training standards and regulations for reporting and managing enrolments. WISENET provides us with a robust student management system whereby we can organise our educational data and engage with our students and staff to offer a superior learning experience while providing a quality and responsive service. OEST requires all the listed enrolment data from our clients and customers to satisfy our regulatory reporting requirements as a Registered Training Organisation.

Q: The enrolment form is not working properly or is becoming unresponsive – what is happening?

A: When using the WISENET enrolment form, some sections may take a little extra time to update, depending on the speed of your internet connection. In particular – the areas of the form that are affected are the option to copy your residential address as your postal address; selecting your spoken language as English; and selecting your country of origin as Australia. When making these selections, please allow up to 8 seconds for the enrolment form to update your data.

Q: How quickly can I access my course and what is the role of The Learning Place?

A: Once you have enrolled into your course using the online enrolment form; please allow 24 hours to be given access to your course materials within “The Learning Place”. The Learning Place serves as the platform which hosts your course related materials and assessments – (this is where you will participate in your online learning. Once you have successfully completed your course of study, the results will be published to our Student Management System (WISENET) and you will be issued with the appropriate accreditation.

Q: Where can I access my online course?

A: Go to the eLearn section of The Learning Place (and log on with your EQ login details if you aren’t already logged on). Click on the “Course” tab and you should see your course(s) listed.

Q: What is the Log-In about?

A: When you subscribe with OEST, you will be given access (by school group through a unique group login) to resources within the OEST website that are visible only to subscribers. These include: Discussion Forums, Newsletters, pre- release product, etc.

Note: It is important that none of your school staff change the password for your school group’s login.
To access your course materials in The Learning Place (once you have enrolled), you are just required to use your EQ login details.

Q: I am unable to log into the OEST website to access subscription services. What do I do?

A: Please contact the OEST Administration team and we will reset the password for you. You must ensure that all members of your school who use the OEST group login be notified of the new password.

Q: I have enrolled but I can’t access my course in The Learning Place. What do I do?

A: You must allow 24 hours for the system to process your enrolment and update the course participant list. Once 24 hours has passed you will be able to access your course materials within The Learning Place. If you still cannot access your course, please contact the OEST Administration team for assistance.
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Q: What types of assessment are in my course?

A: Most courses offered by OEST are competency based and as a result will have both theory and practical assessment components. These assessment tools could include online examinations, practical assignments, third party reports, etc.

Q: Is it all online assessment?

A: In most cases yes. However there are some courses offered by OEST which require practical assessment which can’t be effectively evaluated online. In these cases, the assessment tools can be downloaded and the activity completed and verified by an approved third party supervisor who will complete a report on the assessment activity and email this back to OEST administration.

Q: When do I receive my award?

A: You will receive your award within approximately 10 working days after successful completion and the submission of all assessment components for your course. Your statement of attainment/completion statement will be emailed to you as a PDF file. If you wish to have your document printed and mailed, please advise us before completing your course. (A $14 fee applies for this service).
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Service support

Q: Who do I contact for personal service?

A: Please contact the OEST – RTO at admin@oestraining.eq.edu.au for rapid course support.

Q: What are the website addresses for Tallebudgera Beach Outdoor Education School and the Currumbin Valley Farm campus?

These organisations are directly associated and supported by OEST and their websites are listed below:

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Legal information

Q: How is my personal information protected?

A: The safety and security of your personal information is extremely important to us. That is why we use WISENET’s purpose-built secure data centres located in Melbourne to store your information. The enrolment form uses HTTPS protocol to provide encryption and secure identification of the server. http://www.mywisenet.com.au/Company.aspx

Q: Where is the RTO’s Code of Practice available for me to read?

The OEST Code of Practice is available on our website. Go to the home page and scroll to the bottom. You will find the link under the “Legal Information” Tab.
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