If you are currently working in the Education or Outdoor Recreation Industry and want to update your skills, we can work with you to help you gain your Cert 4 in Outdoor Leadership. The course is provided through a mix of face-to-face and online learning.  We specialise in helping teachers, outdoor leaders and youth workers upgrade existing Outdoor Recreation qualifications to a Certificate 4 or help them convert existing experience and skills into formal qualifications.


If you are a Teacher or Outdoor Recreation Leader with extensive experience in the outdoors, feel free to contact us about undertaking an RPL process to obtain your Certificate 4 in Outdoor Leadership. You will need to be currently working in an outdoor recreation environment and have access to either; experienced outdoor leaders with qualifications in Outdoor Recreation that are willing to vouch for your skills, or be able to come to one of our Adult Short Courses to allow us to validate your skills.

Our Certificate 4 in Outdoor Leadership is written specifically for teachers and outdoor recreation leaders currently working with young people using outdoor activities to help them achieve educational and personal developmental outcomes.

If you are interested in discussing with us how we can help you gain a Certificate 4 in Outdoor Leadership complete the following form and we will contact you.  If after talking to you we feel that we can help we will provide you with a personal training plan that outlines training options and associated costs.

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