This course is delivered at various sites around Queensland and is delivered over a 2 day time frame. There is also the opportunity for learners who need a little more time to consolidate and demonstrate their skills to attend an extra day if required.


These units can be undertaken via RPL if you are currently working in an outdoor recreation environment and have access to experienced outdoor leaders with a qualification in Canoeing / Kayaking who would be willing to vouch for your skills.

Canoe / Kayak Guide / Instruct Course

Canoe Guide Course Description . .. .

Flat water canoeing and kayaking is an excellent tool for outdoor leaders to help students learn teamwork, communication and problem solving skills. This course will provide (or give you a chance to refresh) the skills and knowledge required to guide a group of canoeists on flatwater. It has been designed to provide opportunities for experienced leaders to move through the course quickly, or for beginning leaders to be able to take the time to consolidate their skills before assessment.

As with all of our courses we pay special attention to how this activity can be used educationally by paying specific attention to teaching strategies, active reflection methods and how to help your group members transfer their learning to everyday life.

The course is run over 2 days and covers:

  • basic skills of canoeing/kayaking
  • deep water rescues
  • navigation
  • group management
  • teaching and reflection strategies

Learning Outcomes:

  • SISOCNE202A Perform deep water rescues
  • SISOCNE201A Demonstrate simple canoeing skills
  • SISONAV201A Demonstrate navigation skills in a controlled environment
  • SISOCNE303A Apply canoeing skills
  • SISOCNE305A Guide canoeing trips on flat and undemanding water
  • SISOKYK201A Demonstrate simple kayak skills
  • SISOKYK302A Apply kayak skills
  • SISOKYK304A Guide kayak trips on flat and undemanding water

Upcoming Courses

Name Location Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
Canoe / Kayak Guide / Instruct Course TBS 10/11/2018 11/11/2018 $600.00